About Us

The Even Place

“The Nation Capital’s Newest Institute for Wisdom”

Dr. Alvin August Jones – Healer & Global Thought Leader

Discernment * Balance * Fitness

“My Foot Standeth in an Even Place…” – King David

Hello and welcome to the Even Place where we strive to help you find Balance, Discernment and Fitness.

This is our official blog, where we will update you on our latest shows and events dealing with health, wealth and spirituality.  Our goal is to help people become their highest and best self, by arming them with the most necessary tool wisdom.

Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. 

Here at the Even Place we realize that you are spirit, soul and body, and we are working with our members to help them operate on an optimal level and on all cylinders.  We are committed to enriching lives using a holistic approach with a world view, finding and teaching universal truths. Our format, of interviewing authors and experts in every field of mental and physical health, as well as business and spiritual fulfillment, helps us fulfill our mission, to find and implement principles of success.

The hosts of the Even Place are lead Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones, a veteran radio producer and personality, as well as an ordained minister with 2 decades of leading a church.  Kevin T. Robertson, the World’s leading focus expert, radio host, motivational speaker and author, is also a co-host, inspiring our audience with his weekly messages on focus.  Bomani Armah (artist, edu-tainer and creative concierge) rounds out the crew as the musical director and show co-producer.

What is The Even Place?


Patricia Barnes-Svarney “Why Do Women Crave more Sex in the Summer”

Harry H. Gaines “Fit at 50!”



Dr. Gordon Livingston “The Thing You Think You Cannot Do”

Nina Brewton “Drama of Bald Headed Queen”

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  1. alex Hayes

    August 15, 2012

    I want to come check out your new approach to living positively…It seems as if it will be a very exciting experience…Blessing be mulitplied to your efforts…


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