Karen Wright’s interview with Dr. Jones

Posted on October 2, 2012


This past Sunday we had the pleasure of having Karen Wright as our guest.  Dr. Alvin interviewed her about her new book The Complete Executive, and we were all a little better for hearing her talk about how to take our businessess to the next level!  I personally was impressed by how “complete” her style of training is.  She begins her book talking about physical, mental and emotional health.  Few people think of how important those factors are in being a leader in the business world.  By the time you get to the first time she mentions finances on page 21, you are completely pulled into her unique style of teaching, and have learned from her expansive insights.

Being a leader requires much more than just understanding how to run a business. Today’s executive is under a

unique set of demands, coming from multiple stakeholders. In The Complete Executive, long-time executive coach Karen Wright introduces a unique 10-step system that takes all of these aspects of leadership development into account. Leaders not only need incredible physical energy and stamina, they need a support system, philosophy, plan, business acumen, a social network, and a brand and reputation that will ensure they achieve their vision.

Backed by an assessment tool giving each leader a personal “report card,” this book provides aspiring leaders with a framework to address all aspects of leadership that translates to peak performance, and experienced leaders a snapshot of their strengths and areas for ongoing development to ensure sustainable effectiveness. Wright knows from experience that even when everything is going well for leaders, high achievers don’t stop there, which is why The Complete Executive is designed as a resource to return to again and again for continuous improvement.
Listen to Dr. Alvin’s full interview here!

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