Nina C. Brewton, “Dramas Of A Bald Head Queen”

Posted on July 30, 2012


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After overcoming depression, alchoholism and sexual promiscuity, Nina continues to grow stronger, gaining energy and wisdom from her Heavenly Father.
For over a decade, this native of Wichita, KS and veteran of the United States Air Force, has grown stronger in spirit.  Starting out on the VA/MD/DC open mic scene, she found her voice and groomed her sound into the rich alto that ushers in the Spirit in Sunday morning worship services and midnight solitary welcoming personal healing worship experiences.

Even Before 2003 when she was delivered from her chains of bondage, she had been shown her sole purpose in life, which is to encourage others to do better for themselves, through knowledge of self, increased self-esteem and through general life skills; in turn, building healthier relationships, families and communities.

As an artist and motivational speaker, she has facilitated workshops and intereacted with students at a variety of schools to include Richmond Preparatory School, Duke and Longwood Universities and public venues throughout Virginia, Washington D.C., Baltimore and Raleigh just to name a few.