I Know “Why Women Crave More Sex in the Summer”

Posted on June 14, 2012


This book by Patricia Barnes-Svarney is full of great information that neither my mother or grand-mother told me about being a woman.  Mostly because I’m a guy, but that’s besides the point.  I’m glad Dr. Jones selected this book, even though I was confused about why we would be talking about that on Fathers Day.  For real, to be better fathers, it would be helpful to understand this complicated amalgamation of amazing biology and confusing emotions gifted to humanity in the form of women.  This read has me feeling like a fly floating in the latte on the antique coffee table during a conversation between lady doctors (not gynecologist, lady doctors) as they discussed your favorite old yarns and wives tales about women, their emotions and their bodies.  It’s mostly a treatise on evolution and the female body, how our pasts as hunter males and gathering females has shaped some of our physical features, instincts and socialization.  She uses witty writing and Darwinism to answer questions like: Why is the woman the one who hears the car “making a noise”?  Why are females so attracted to “bling”? How do hormones affect my shopping list?  What does a woman’s brain do when she’s in love? The title question isn’t answered until page 139, and by then you are so impressed by her cool and calculating responses to these wide array of questions, you forgot what attracted you to the title in the first place.  Now she got me thinking of the guy version for all the answers to questions we think we have the answer to.  Why can’t she tell the difference between a quarterback and a half-back? What does it mean to “say it wit your chest”?  I got come up with some better ones! LOL. You got any ideas? If you haven’t read this book you should definitely pick it up.  We are interviewing Ms. Barnes-Svarney this Sunday morning.  You got any questions for her?