Patricia Barnes-Svarney discusses “Why Do Women Crave more Sex in the Summer” on June 17th

Posted on June 11, 2012


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It’s been said that every woman is a mystery waiting to be solved…And for as long as women have been around, no one has unraveled the enigma that is the feminine of the species—until now.In this fun, fascinating, head-to-toe female look at bodies, brains, love, sex and shiny objects, the answers to the questions that have confounded humanity for ages are finally revealed! Within this book are the answers to more than one hundred often-asked questions about women.Here, science writer Patricia Barnes-Svarney offers insights into the minds and bodies of the fairer sex, such as…

Why do pregnant women have cravings?
How do the media affect a woman’s brain?
Why should women be concerned about germs?
And why do women crave more sex in the summer?

For women and anyone who wants to know more about women, or only thinks they know about women, Why Do Women Crave More Sex in the Summer? is guaranteed to inform, enlighten, entertain, and answer the questions women have always wanted answered.
Patricia Barnes-Svarney was once a geologist and is currently a science writer who’s published more than two dozen books, and hundreds of articles in such publications as Popular Science, Air & Space, Astronomy, Technology Review,, and others. She lives in Endicott, New York, with her physicist-farmer husband, growing organic garlic and herbs—and tending to the every whim of her three cats.